Team work makes the dream work

1. Teams/ Clubs

Maasailand Baseball Academy
Is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of baseball in Kenya, specifically within the Maasailand region.

2. County Branches
3. Little League
4. Corporates

If We Build It has been established to support the community-driven collaboration within the Kenyan baseball community to build the first baseball and softball fields in Nairobi, Kenya and the first multi-field baseball and softball complex in sub-Saharan Africa, outside of South Africa


We endeavour to maintain a psychological state that desires to continue with sport participation. We inherently believe in an inner drive that puts our heart and soul into accomplishing tasks related to baseball or otherwise. This is enhanced by strong work ethic and an underlying belief that we are here to succeed. We believe that as high achievers dedication to the game is important in reaching our goals as a federation.


We encourage the positive feeling towards team members and holding them in high esteem. We encourage admiration for good or valuable qualities. Accepting each other even when they're different from us or when we don't agree with their view point. We believe that this respect builds trust in the sport making it easy and enjoyable


We believe in the mutual trust and friendships among teammates. By spending a lot of time together we develop trust on the field and friendships off the field through team bonding events held by coaches and fellow athletes.


We believe in the act of giving up something that you would instead have for self-benefit. We believe in giving up free time, comfort and pleasure so as to help achieve our goals and help each other achieve their own.

The western zone

The regions brings together all the teams playing baseball in the western Kenya region with activities majorly centralized in Migori. The Migori region has been playing Baseball for over 10 years and has contributed players to the National team

The Eastern Zone

The region brings together the teams from National Youth Service - Yatta, Meru University, Emali, and Loitoktok

The Coastal Region

This regions comprise teams drawn from the coast of Kenya currently including: Zzollah from Rabai in Kilifi, Grandsons of Abraham from Kikambala Kilifi, and White Heroes from Bomu Mombasa.

The Rift Valley Region

This regions includes the teams from Elburgon, National Youth Service Gilgil, Shah Lalji Nakuru, Bomet, Egerton University, University of Eldoret.

The Metropolitan Region

The Metropolitan region brings together the clubs and teams in Nairobi and its environs. Some of these include: Olympics baseball team, The Maasailand baseball academy, JKUAT, National Youth Service - HQ, Kabete Cares among others.

Titus Mutwiri

BFK President

Mr. Titus Mutwiri is a Medical scientist, and a lecturer at Kenya Methodist University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is a Professional mentor and vice-chair at Kamilimu, a structured mentorship programme for university students in Tech. He also serves as member of Sports and Sustainability commision of the National Olympics committee of Kenya (NOC-K). He played baseball from age 13 at Meru School and his love for the sport has grown for over twenty five years and now prides in influencing the growth of the sport at national and continental level.

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Dedan Kariuki

BFK Vice President

Mr. Dedan Kariuki is a Physical Education tutor, trained in Sports Management both in Kenya & USA. He joined Kenya YMCA at the age of 13 years where he learnt all sorts of games and took leadership roles through local and International participation. Dedan worked as a Physical Education Director with YMCA- Kenya for a period of 10 years specializing in Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer and Triathlon. He later joined SOS Technical Institute as the head for a period of 5 years. He formed” Sports for All Agent” an organization that promoted sports in the slums of Kibera for a period of 4 years.

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Rachel Baraza

BFK Treasurer

Rachel Baraza is a Parental Empowerment facilitator with over 20 years of experience. She holds a diploma in Secretarial studies from the now Technical University of Kenya. Rachel serves as a board member at Olympic High School, a P.T.A member at Olympic Primary School, Saint Elizabeth High School and Red Rose Academy. Rachel is the Chairperson of Building a Network of Peace (B-NEP), Chairlady in Kibera Peace and Reconciliation Network (KIPRENET). She serves as treasurer in many organizations including Baseball Federation of Kenya

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Patrick Ndunda

Organizing Secretary

Mr Patrick Ndunda is a long serving high school teacher and sports tutor. He is a WBSC trained umpire and helps in umpiring international games.

Message from the President,

So many boys and girls have deep appetite for playing Baseball. The Baseball Federation of Kenya has created an opportunity for all of them not as an alternative to the conventional sports but as a sport that creates opportunity for them to networks with the world through sports.

Baseball is a ball game played between two teams of nine on a diamond-shaped circuit of four bases. The first official game of baseball in the United States took place in June 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became America's first professional baseball club. A century later baseball was introduced to Kenya by the US marines.
As John Tatum said Baseball isn’t just a game, but rather life being played out in a field – a field of dreams- on diamonds of green, Where players pursuing their dreams try to be the best they can be on the grandest stage of all – When men become boys and boys become men (or when Women become girls and girls become women). All speaking one universal language without uttering a single word.
I personally learned playing baseball late in life while in high school. This birthed in me my greatest admiration of the sport. I wasn’t the MVP but with time I realized there is space for everyone in the world of sports and it takes commitment, discipline, camaraderie, respect and sacrifice and these form the core values of Baseball Federation of Kenya.

Baseball in Kenya has gone through ups and down since late 90’s. The time for the growth of the sport in the region is now here and was cemented it by hosting the first ever pre-Olympic qualifier in Nairobi in April, 2019. We have established a position among the leaders of baseball in Africa through our affiliation to Africa Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA) and globally through affiliation with the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC). Part of our vision is to establish baseball in all counties in Kenya for both men and women or boys and girls. We are working hard to ensure baseball grows right to the grassroots at the village level and become a household sport in Kenya. Baseball is currently being played in 20 counties in Kenya but there is great need to increase the momentum of establishing new clubs, getting new sponsorships and ensuring tighter collaboration with the county governments, national government and the international community. This is in our priority.

I came in as president of Baseball Federation of Kenya in April 2018. I stand on the shoulders of giants hence can see far ahead and there is only one option "to win". To our friends who have stood with us during our local, national and international events we remain indebted and covet more of your support. As Charles Sledge Jr. said athletes are born winners, they're not born losers, and the sooner you understand this, the faster you can take on a winning attitude and become successful in life.

Welcome to baseball Federation of Kenya

Titus Mutwiri
President, Baseball Federation of Kenya

& Director, Maasailand Baseball Academy


The Baseball Federation of Kenya Technical Committee is an arm that reports to the executive. The technical arm interprets the practical application of the playing rules to the entire leadership and baseball fraternity at large.

Objectives of the Technical Committee include:
  • To promote, encourage and develop the game of Baseball across Kenya
  • To provide train opportunities for Coaches, Umpires, Scorers and Players
  • To organize National Baseball Tournaments for all categories U-13, U-15, U-17, U-19 and seniors
  • To organize International tournaments sanctioned by the Africa Baseball Softball Association or World Baseball Softball Confederation

Good habits that are learned early pay off every day.

Dedan Kariuki
Technical Director/ V. President
Baseball Federation of Kenya
It has been a great privilege to be a part of the Kenya Baseball fraternity leadership team. I oversee financial operations for BFK and I play a key role on matters logistics and analysis.My association with Baseball Federation of Kenya began in 2010, when I was engaged to organise and introduce primary schools from Kibera to participate in  baseball. 

As a federation ,we have witnessed the growth of the game from a pastime game initially played in select schools to a sport that is gaining traction and growing in popularity in the country. Over the years we have seen an increase in the number of teams in the various counties. This has been achieved despite the various financial and logistical challenges we have been experiencing. Most of our activities have been operating on personal contributions, assistance from well wishers, institutions and the government which has been facilitating our national events. Even with this support, it hasn't been enough to enable us to operate efficiently as the constraints have hindered some of our agenda particularly recruitment and training in counties around Kenya. 

We always welcome partnerships, mentors, collaborations, donations and friends who are willing to join us in this glorious journey.
In the ensuing years, I have worked closely with the President Mr Titus Mutwiri,  the Head Technical Director, Mr Dedan Kariuki, on a variety of technical and financial matters. The support has also included fundraising for equipment, donations and outsourced technical support and various club financial, valuation and transaction matters. I have also supported numerous BFK committees and special federation  projects through the years.
My mantra for baseball  has always  been and will always be 'EAT, SLEEP, WALK, TALK BASEBALL!!'

Rachel Baraza,
BFK, Treasurer, Finance Director  and  Chair of Finance Committee.

National Youth Service

NYS HQ, Gilgil, Yatta

The National Youth Services Baseball club was started by coaches and umpires from the United States and Canada in 2001 under the leadership of coach Susan Magiri, coach Salamba senior and coach Anyaswa. The NYS baseball club is based in Nairobi County and is devoted to improving the standards of baseball in Kenya. The NYS clubs has participated in various competition including local and international tournaments. The NYS team has both male and female players and are committed to developing and growing baseball across National Youth Service camps in Kenya. The team has more than 30 members and associates The teams’ most memorably game was 2017 Baseball 4 Africa tournament, hosted by Leanna School –Nairobi County. The team won four matches straight to lift the cup. The team manager is Susan Magiri, the coaches are Gedion Chelimo and Goeffrey Asila, Inspector Nyataki and Many other coaches from many NYS centers across the country

Alice in Africa


The Alice in Africa Baseball Club was founded in 2010 in the town of Elburgon, Molo Sub-County, Nakuru County. It is a program of service to youth. Our goal is to provide children of all ages with an enjoyable baseball experience, which includes learning the basic skills of baseball, teaching and instructing youth in the rules of baseball, promoting teamwork, and developing skills necessary to play youth baseball safely. The organization aims to instil the values of sportsmanship, discipline and competition in youth and to provide lifelong habits of accountability, responsibility, exercise, and health in youth.

South Rockies


South Rockies baseball club was started in 2/8/2019. It is a Baseball club based in South Rift Valley of Kenya in Bomet County. The South Rockies Baseball team are a group of youths and juniors greatly interested in playing baseball. We are a family aiming for greater achievements in Baseball and Baseball5. We have experienced trainers in the group with skills, knowledge and exposure in professional baseball and Baseball5. We have a group of young, talented and enthusiastic juniors group, with close support in their career of professional sporting they will reach greater heights and map their positions in the growth of Baseball/Baseball5. We have top training program at Shamira grounds where players and coaches meet to train and play. The club consist of 22 players, among whom 15 of them are Under 15 yrs of age. The club is headed by Mitei Denis and Eli Kiprono as the manager and coach respectively and Emmanuel Kiptoo as the captain.

Migori All Stars


In March, 2010, Missionary Thomas Wilson aka “Tom”, of Chicago in the USA, through Hands on Africa Mission, held a one week workshop on the basic skills of Baseball for Primary School heads, games teachers and community members from each of the eight (8) hitherto selected primary schools in Suna East Sub-County, Migori County. Authority had earlier been sought from and granted by the Ministry of Education Headquarters to allow Hands on Africa Mission to introduce and operationalize Baseball and Softball in the initial eight (8) primary schools within the Mission’s area of jurisdiction in Migori. Their main goal was to expose the children and the community at large, to the excitement and pleasure of playing base and softball as they get evangelized.

Maasailand Baseball Academy


This club was started in Dec 2021 and has over 90 players that comprise learners from the Nakeel Primary School, The Nakeel Boys High School and Nkaimurunya Secondary School, and the neighboring schools.

Kabete Cares


The Kabete cares was started by Geroge Kinuthia as a club to support the kids of Kimabu and its environs learn play and excel in the sport of baseball



This club was started by the Federation in year 2020 upon its visit to the coastal county of Kilifi to enhance the spread of the sport in the region. The club prides of many players under 15 and under 18 years and also a womens baseball that has participated in a number of competitions

White Heroes


The club was started through the influence of little league Kenya. It has now grown to a big club with over 60 players both boys and girls and has participated in all many tournaments across the country

Application for affiliation

For individuals, teams and clubs, little leagues community groups, county branches and corporate organizations that wish to affiliate kindly copy this link, fill the form and revert via

Team rosters

For teams and clubs that wish to affiliate or already affiliated please copy this link, fill the form and revert via

The Women Commission

The Women Commission

The Women commission was established in 2022 to enhance the spread of women baseball across the country. Currently we have over ten teams across the country that have women baseball. The Baseball Federation of Kenya (BFK) is in the process of training more women coaches to help spread the sport among fellow women. We hope that Kenya will host the innagural continental women baseball in 2022/2023

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Baseball5 Commission

Baseball5 Commission

The Baseball5 Commission takes is involved in advising the executive on programmes that help in development of Baseball5 sport in the country

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The Finance Commission

The Finance Commission

This is the commission with the responsibility of advising the executive of strategic budgeting and financing programmes for development of Baseball and Baseball5 sports

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The Technical Commission

The Technical Commission

The Technical commission engages in direct planning for national competitions and tournaments, organizing for training of coaches, umpires and scorers and advises the executive on other development programmes

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Baseball 5 is new exciting and fast moving game which though modeled in the principles of traditional baseball, adopts a more simplified approach in terms of space and equipment used. Played by 5 players against 5, it can be played anywhere there is open space including back yards and basket ball courts while the only equipment required is a rubber ball. Kenya is currently in position 2 in the continent in Baseball5

Since it’s launch a few years ago, the view this is best entry point for would be professional baseball players in future, is gaining currency among many stakeholders including the World Baseball and Softball Confederation, amid calls to make it an Olympic Sport .

In Kenya the sport is taking root and during COVID19 lockdown regional coaches received online training conducted by WBSC courtesy of Baseball Federation of Kenya and their counter parts national softball federation . Plans for the first continental Baseball 5, competitions in readiness to the World Championships are also at a advanced stage .

Women Baseball  image
Women baseball started in 1875 in the Americas. It has been a popular game in a number of regions giving girls an opportunity to enjoy the sport. Seven teams competed in the 7th edition of women baseball world cup in South Korea in 2016.

Despite many young girls desiring to play baseball like their male counterparts, there has been a missing link in this sport for the girl child in Africa. The Baseball Federation of Kenya has taken this opportunity to introduce baseball for girls and will be going to the counties to establish the sport alongside Men baseball.

Young men who play baseball have their friends, sisters, and colleagues who admire the sport and therefore giving this huge opportunity to the girls will help them experience more fun and network with other girls across the world through this new frontier sport.
Currently we have women baseball in Nairobi, Kajiado, Migori, Yatta, Elburgon and Meru

Umpiring Desk

It’s a great honour to be part of the Umpiring team of the Baseball Federation of Kenya. BFK has done provided opportunities to equip the umpiring department although a lot more needs to be done. In the last three years BFK has organised two umpiring trainings, one facilitated by the Baseball 4 Africa, and another one organised by the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC). Currently we have over 10 trained umpires in Kenya who can referee matches professionally. They include Umpires Patrick Ndunda, Morris Thuku, George Kinuthia, Naomi Muratha, John Mbugua and Caleb Malel. During the 2019 Baseball Olympic pre- qualifiers held at Lenana School all these received immense training under the instruction of Paul Bokern of WBSC umpiring commission.


Interest in scoring baseball game was developed in both Jacinta and David way back in 2010 when Thomas Wilson (Tom) introduced the game in Migori County but he was the only one who could record the scores during games. The basic dynamics of the game were still very raw to us then. In March 2012, Migori hosted Nairobi Giants and Meru Baseball teams for a three day 15U and 17U teams tournament. Jacinta and David participated as Tournament Scorers at this level very successfully with trophies being awarded to winning teams. In December 2014, Jacinta and David alongside other scorers from Uganda and Tanzania, attended the first formal Baseball Scoring Workshop facilitated by Ms. Lessly Cook from the South Africa Baseball Scoring Commission. It went for one week and at the end, Level 1 Scoring Accreditation Certificates were awarded to both Jacinta and David.


The Baseball Federation of Kenya has held many coaching programmes across the country. There is a continuous endeavor to keep growing the number of skillful coaches who can continue influencing the development of the sport. The Japan Africa Baseball and Softball (J-ABS) Foundation is among the first cooperation agreements that Baseball Federation of Kenya (BFK) has signed and many more will be done to ensure that the country has enough coaches to spread the the sports of Baseball and Baseball5


Donation Amount

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  • P.O.Box 2322-00100 Nairobi - Kenya