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Kenya held the first National Women Baseball launch and tournament on 02nd July 2022 at Don Bosco Utume in Nairobi. The launch of Women Baseball was an important event and milestone in the history of sports in Kenya. The strongest and most organized women baseball leagues are in USA, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Cuba, Hong Kong and Canada. Elsewhere women have achieved a number historic firsts in baseball and female participation in the sport is increasing. The just ended Kenya women baseball Tournament served as an important reminder that the female cleat –print in the game is significant. The following 7 Counties were represented: Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kilifi, and Mombasa. The teams were divided into 2 pools : POOL “A” had: KABETE CARE (Kiambu), OLYMPIC HIGH SCHOOL (Nairobi), BOMU HEROINES (Mombasa) & NYS YATTA (Machakos) POOL”B” JKUAT (Kiambu), MASAI ACADEMY (Kajiado), ZZOLA (Kilifi), NYS NAIROBI (Nairobi), NYS GILGIL “A” (Nakuru), NYS GILGIL”B” (Nakuru) There was also a JUNIOR GAME between KABETE Vs GILGIL The highest scoring came from Zzolla GALS (16) Vs NYS NAIROBI (3) the winner is a youthful team, comprised of primary school pupils from Rabai, Kilifi County. After each team had played 2 games, fixture moved to 2nd face of games to get the finalists. The final game which was all NYS strong holds affair (NYS YATTA Vs NYS COLLEGE”B”) which ended with a very close result of (NYS COLLEGE “B” (3 RUNS) AND NYS YATTA (2) RUNS. The BOMU Heroines were still recovering from the impact of the early morning accident at Kiungwani near Salam, which left their pitcher Achieng injured, so they were completely torn down and lost in all of their games. Kenya is working closely with WBSC to get sanction to host the continental women Championship in Nairobi latest by March 2023

  • Date: 07/02/2022 06:11 PM
  • Location Don Bosco, Karen, Nairobi (Map)