Women Baseball  image
Women baseball started in 1875 in the Americas. It has been a popular game in a number of regions giving girls an opportunity to enjoy the sport. Seven teams competed in the 7th edition of women baseball world cup in South Korea in 2016.

Despite many young girls desiring to play baseball like their male counterparts, there has been a missing link in this sport for the girl child in Africa. The Baseball Federation of Kenya has taken this opportunity to introduce baseball for girls and will be going to the counties to establish the sport alongside Men baseball.

Young men who play baseball have their friends, sisters, and colleagues who admire the sport and therefore giving this huge opportunity to the girls will help them experience more fun and network with other girls across the world through this new frontier sport.
Currently we have women baseball in Nairobi, Kajiado, Migori, Yatta, Elburgon and Meru