Umpiring Desk

It’s a great honour to be part of the Umpiring team of the Baseball Federation of Kenya. BFK has done provided opportunities to equip the umpiring department although a lot more needs to be done. In the last three years BFK has organised two umpiring trainings, one facilitated by the Baseball 4 Africa, and another one organised by the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC). Currently we have over 10 trained umpires in Kenya who can referee matches professionally. They include Umpires Patrick Ndunda, Morris Thuku, George Kinuthia, Naomi Muratha, John Mbugua and Caleb Malel. During the 2019 Baseball Olympic pre- qualifiers held at Lenana School all these received immense training under the instruction of Paul Bokern of WBSC umpiring commission.


Interest in scoring baseball game was developed in both Jacinta and David way back in 2010 when Thomas Wilson (Tom) introduced the game in Migori County but he was the only one who could record the scores during games. The basic dynamics of the game were still very raw to us then. In March 2012, Migori hosted Nairobi Giants and Meru Baseball teams for a three day 15U and 17U teams tournament. Jacinta and David participated as Tournament Scorers at this level very successfully with trophies being awarded to winning teams. In December 2014, Jacinta and David alongside other scorers from Uganda and Tanzania, attended the first formal Baseball Scoring Workshop facilitated by Ms. Lessly Cook from the South Africa Baseball Scoring Commission. It went for one week and at the end, Level 1 Scoring Accreditation Certificates were awarded to both Jacinta and David.


The Baseball Federation of Kenya has held many coaching programmes across the country. There is a continuous endeavor to keep growing the number of skillful coaches who can continue influencing the development of the sport. The Japan Africa Baseball and Softball (J-ABS) Foundation is among the first cooperation agreements that Baseball Federation of Kenya (BFK) has signed and many more will be done to ensure that the country has enough coaches to spread the the sports of Baseball and Baseball5