We endeavour to maintain a psychological state that desires to continue with sport participation. We inherently believe in an inner drive that puts our heart and soul into accomplishing tasks related to baseball or otherwise. This is enhanced by strong work ethic and an underlying belief that we are here to succeed. We believe that as high achievers dedication to the game is important in reaching our goals as a federation.


We encourage the positive feeling towards team members and holding them in high esteem. We encourage admiration for good or valuable qualities. Accepting each other even when they're different from us or when we don't agree with their view point. We believe that this respect builds trust in the sport making it easy and enjoyable


We believe in the mutual trust and friendships among teammates. By spending a lot of time together we develop trust on the field and friendships off the field through team bonding events held by coaches and fellow athletes.


We believe in the act of giving up something that you would instead have for self-benefit. We believe in giving up free time, comfort and pleasure so as to help achieve our goals and help each other achieve their own.